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Jury finds woman guilty of first-degree murder in 2021 killing of man in Lachine

Veronique Manceau. (Source: Montreal courthouse) Veronique Manceau. (Source: Montreal courthouse)

A Montreal jury found a 38-year-old woman guilty of first-degree murder in the gruesome torture and death of a young man in Lachine in 2021.

Jurors rendered the verdict Saturday after five days of deliberations.

Jimmy Methot, 27, was at a party with friends at an apartment on Rathwell Street in Lachine but the tenant, Veronique Manceau, had consumed crack, and became paranoid and accused him of being a spy for her ex.

Jimmy Methot, 27. (Source: Facebook)

She repeatedly assaulted him, forced him to drink inflammable liquid, then stabbed him repeatedly. Police later discovered the mutilated body of the victim in a barrel in a nearby garage.

Manceau received an automatic life sentence with no possibility of parole for 25 years. Top Stories

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