Moments before the daughter of a slain man was to testify at a murder trial, the judge put the trial on hold for two days so lawyers could examine new evidence.

Alberto Martinez is accused of killing Yogarajah Suntharam in July 2011 over a petty dispute concerning garbage bags.

On Monday Suntharam's daughter, one of his six children, was set to testify when new evidence came forward.

The defence and the prosecution asked for time to study the evidence, and the judge postponed the hearing until Wednesday, telling the jury to go home and Suntharam's daughter she would have to wait.

Suntharam's daughter is going to testify in her native language of Tamil, which will be translated into French for the judge and jury.

The accused is a Cuban national and has requested that all proceeding be translated into Spanish for his comprehension.

Last week Martinez's roommate testified that Martinez was furious about a bag of garbage from Suntharam's restaurant that he felt had been placed too close to his home.