A group of soccer fans gathered bright and early in southwest Montreal Sunday to watch England and Spain go head to head in the FIFA Women's World Cup.

With kick-off at 6 a.m., the Burgundy Lion pub opened its doors way ahead of schedule, welcoming roughly 50 people to watch the game.

"I love coming to the Burgundy Lion for team England matches. Whether it be the women's team, the men's team -- it's kind of the home for team England in Montreal," pubgoer Maegan Cowling told CTV News.

For the lone Spain fan in the room, it was undoubtedly a happy morning.

"I did a little -- quietly -- a little fist bump," said Alberto Calero with a laugh, recalling the moment La Roja's victory over the Lionesses became clear.

Spain beat England 1-0 thanks to left-back Olga Carmona. The match at Stadium Australia marks Spain's first-ever Women's World Cup title.

Burgundy Lion

Given the time difference in Sydney, Sunday's final was one of the few games shown at the Burgundy Lion this cup.

"We had a hard time showing as many games as we could, based on the hour and geography of where these matches were being played," said co-owner Paul Desbaillets.

Despite the early hour, fans like Amita Kumari say the atmosphere was electric:

"Not as many people as you'd get in a back home [in England], but it was nice to get the opportunity to watch it amongst people also cheering on England and people who could feel the game as we did."