Thousands of people marched through the streets of Montreal in the Fifth annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer.

The two-day, 60-kilometre walk raised $5.7 million to fight the deadly disease.

This year, organizers appealed to participants with the slogan "Breast cancer is hard. Walking isn't." 

Since 2005, close to 10,000 people have met the challenge.

Alexis Gaiptman, director of special events for the Jewish General Hospital, is impressed that the campaign is still successful.

"It's just incredible to see after five years how many people are still coming out and still walking. We've also expanded our mandate this year to make it a bigger and bolder event, so this year, the Weekend to End Breast Cancer is going to be benefitting all women's cancers," said Gaiptman.

Each of the more than 2,000 people walking this year has a solid reason to raise money.

"I'm here for my grandmother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago," said one young woman.

Even those who aren't in great shape, like CTV reporter Maya Johnson, are doing what they can.

"I'd been planning to walk the full 60 k with everyone else here this weekend, but those plans changed when I injured my knee playing soccer," said Johnson. "Fortunately, this event is all about team spirit. Everyone just does their best and people support and encourage each other, no matter what happens."

Since the Weekend walks began, they have raised $36 million for the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital.