Those living at an apartment building on St-Dominique St. in Montreal's Little Italy neighbourhood will be living elsewhere for the holidays after the entire wall of the building they were in collapsed.

Montreal fire department spokesperson Alain Laflamme said the surface wall collapsed likely because the adjacent building was demolished recently.

No one was injured when the wall collapsed on Thursday, but an entire apartment is now on full display for any passersby on the street.

Laflamme said the building will not be destroyed or condemned.

"It will be repaired, and the municipality will ask for an engineer report," he said.

Laflamme added that those concerned about the strength of walls on their own buildings can ask the borough's permit department to investigate, and fire department staff will be called if needed.

"Only if there is a danger of the wall falling down," said Laflamme, "to take the appropriate measure to secure it."

As for any tenants that lived in the St-Dominique apartment, Laflamme said they can stay with the Red Cross for three days and then will need to find a place to stay. Building owners' insurance, he added, will cover the costs in this type of situation.