It's going to take at least two months to repair a stretch of Highway 25 in the Laurentians.

Part of the road collapsed on Friday April 7 in Saint Roch de l'Achigan, about 30 km north of Montreal but even though the road was declared off limits to drivers, many have been using the road anyways.

Provincial Transportation Minister Laurent Lessard visited the sinkhole on Tuesday to inspect the damage.

The hole is massive, about seven metres deep and nine metres wide. It was most likely caused by heavy rain coming during the spring thaw.

The stretch of the road that collapsed runs over two culverts built in 2001, but which experts say has suffered a lot more wear and tear than they anticipated because of climate change.

Lessard said it will take weeks to complete technical studies, at which point crews will demolish the road and rebuild it from scratch.

Construction will last until mid-June, with more work to take place in the fall.

14, 000 cars used that section of Highway 25 every day, and until the road is rebuilt they must use a 5 km detour.

Because of drivers ignoring the signs, police crews are now stationed at the scene to deter scofflaws.