Two people were arrested Tuesday night in an attack on jewelry store employees in Park Extension.

The suspects, aged 28 and 32, are alleged to have walked into the family-run Prince jewelry store on Querbes Ave. near Saint Roch St. at 1:30 p.m.

After a few moments the attackers pulled out knives and cut three employees, before the men fled. Police did not say if the thieves managed to escape with any valuables.

Two of the victims suffered minor injuries, while the third was seriously hurt, but none suffered life-threatening wounds. All three were taken to hospital for treatment.

The suspects were also hurt during the altercation, and the men arrested have injuries that correspond with the altercation, said police.

Witness Melissa Element spent hours speaking with investigators about the incident.

“The son had blood everywhere,” she told CTV’s Annie DeMelt. “He came out screaming on the phone, for an ambulance, saying three people had been stabbed.”

Customer Bobby Singh told CTV the owner of the shop is well liked and respected in the community.

“He has all kinds of friends here. I don't think he has any problems or anything,” he said.

Another customer, Roger Ramish, said the owner was also vigilant.

“He's a very secure person. He would open the door to serve a customer, but otherwise would not open the door,” he said.

Police set up a perimeter around the scene Tuesday afternoon in an effort to find clues concerning the robbers.

Element said she watched the attackers flee the scene.

“I saw two men running and getting into a car. A car was waiting for them; it was obvious,” she said.

Police won't confirm this, but a witness told CTV the store has surveillance video of what happened inside, and also told her at least one of the intruders is known to them.