Route 136, the road between the Turcot Interchange and the Ville Marie tunnel, will once again be closed this weekend.

Work is scheduled to begin at midnight Friday Jan. 19 and last until 5 a.m. Monday.

During that period Route 136 will be closed in both directions from the Turcot to the tunnel, as will the Turcot ramps that include the Pullman Loop at the base of the escarpment:

  • Highway 15 north to Highway 20 West (entrance at De la Verendrye)
  • Highway 20 West to Highway 15 North
  • Highway 15 South to Highway 20 West

Drivers can access Highway 720 east at the Notre Dame/De La Cathedrale entrance, while Highway 20 West is accessible at the Pullman St. entrance.

When the highway reopens on Monday there will be a new configuration of ramps connecting Highway 20 East and Highway 15 North.

Last week work was delayed because of the snow that fell on Saturday.

Transport Quebec expects these ramps will close about half of the weekends in 2018 as crews dismantle the remaining elevated portions of Highway 720 West and build a new, lower, highway between the Ville Marie tunnel and the Turcot Interchange.