The 12th annual Souk@SAT bazaar at the Society for Arts and Technology has unusual and delicious offerings.

The annual arts and crafts fair has a focus on designers and artists that are featuring something new.

Azamit, the creative director of the Souk, says participants are chosen by a jury with strict criteria.

"This is actually the first year that more than 50-60 percent are new designers and artists who have never participated in the Souk, so the vibe is very different. There's a lot of new designers, artists, products and so it's very exciting," she said .

Each artist selling their wares must bring something new to display.

Maya Ersan of Atelier Make has paper and porcelain artworks for sale.

"We've created a couple of exclusive collections. It's all handmade porcelain work," said Ersan. "And also we have a small collection of paper objects that are used as shadow projections in the home."

And it's not open to children: the SAT building is licensed for those 18 and above, which gives shoppers the opportunity to drink a pint of beer while shopping -- or to try unique cocktails.

Marc André of Le Lab is selling a Quebec-made vermouth, among other beverage ingredients

"The latest syrup that we have is Tropical BBQ. It's kind of a funky flavor, more on the pineapple taste with tamarind. There's kind of a smoky flavor," said André.

Like many holiday fairs there is no shortage of food being offered, including artisanal cheeses, meats, and traditional tourtiere.

The sale takes place on five days in November, wrapping up Sunday at 7 p.m., at 1201 St. Laurent Blvd.