MONTREAL—It came as a shock to the many hundreds of people in Notre-Dame-de-Grace who rely on it weekly: the NDG Food Depot is being forced to move.

Barbara McAdam has been coming to the NDG Food Depot off-and-on for over 10 years.

“I really try to make it only if it's truly necessary and to get through Christmas it's been helpful,” said McAdam.

Close to 700 people weekly use the food depot. It serves NDG residents and those who live in surrounding municipalities. However, now it has to find a new home.

The staff at the NDG Food Depot didn't know they were going to have to move until a building inspector came last week to take soil samples around the property. The staff says it was the building inspector who told them their landlord had sold the building.

The landlord did not respond to calls from CTV News or the food depot staff.

Kim Martin is the acting director of the NDG Food Depot, she says it will be tough to leave after being in the same location for 20 years.

“We want to stay in NDG, definitely we want to the place to be accessible to all the people who use the service. So close to a main street, close to a metro is good,” said Martin.

They also need to find a building with over 35,000 square feet of space. The lease is up at the end of March, but they have a verbal agreement to stay until June. Despite that, many volunteers are upset.

“I feel very bad about it, it wish they were able to buy this building and re-renovate it,” said volunteer Pearl Facey.

Others feel a fresh start will be good thing.

“I'm optimistic. We have good people looking so maybe people will call us and say, ‘I have a spot for you’ and that would be great,” said Julie Hooton, who also helps at the food depot.

McAdam says many in the community will be concerned.

“The food bank, other than giving out food, has programs and gives you support,” said McAdam.