MONTREAL - A Pierrefonds man arrested six months ago on four child pornography-related charges was in court on Wednesday as he sought bail for a second time.

Kimberly Byron Moskalewski, 52, was arrested at his home in August and was accused of producing, possessing and distributing child pornography, luring children on the Internet and the sexual touching of a child.

"Since his arrest and detention in August, he has made a lot of progress personally," said Robert Bellefeuille, Moskalewski's defence lawyer. "He admits everything, he knows that he needs to be treated and he is trying to be as transparent as possible."

An employee of CN Rail, Moskalewski's lawyer sought bail for his client to return to work until his court date.

"Because of the facts of the case, because of the criteria of the administration of justice, there is no way that this individual can be released," said Caroline Paquin, the crown prosecutor in the case.

The suspect's wife ran a private daycare out of their home, but it closed in August.

A source close to the investigation told CTV Montreal that the police believe none of the children at the day care were harmed and his wife is considered to be above suspicion.

The judge is expected to rule on Moskalewski's bail request Friday.