The first police officer on the scene at Veronique Barbe's home after her grisly killing testified Wednesday at the double-murder trial of her husband Ugo Fredette.

Fredette is accused of killing Barbe and 71-year-old man Yvon Lacasse.

Officer Guillaume Gosselin had been on the force for a year and six months posted in St. Eustache on Sept. 14, 2017 when he got the call about a loud argument at the couple's home.

He testified that he arrived in two minutes, knocked on the front door, and tried to look in the windows which had the curtains drawn.

He said that he then went to the back of the house and still didn't see anything, but told the court that he had a bad feeling.

The officer then looked through the back door and spotted Barbe's feet and a lot of blood through the patio door. He radioed for backup, broke the window, and took out his gun after seeing Barbe's body, fearing there may be others in the residence.

He told the court he knew Barbe could not be saved at this point and started searching the house and yard.

He said he didn't see anyone, even though neighbours told him they didn't see anyone leaving.

SQ crime scene investigator Marc-Andre Vachon described the scene in the home, and described photos of a large blood stain on the floor as well as a bloody steak knife in the sink

It is alleged that Fredette had taken off in a company truck with a boy who was in the house, dumped the truck, and stole Lacasse's pickup truck, dumping Lacasse's beaten body in a field where he died.

Fredette allegedly killed the man.

Fredette has pleaded not guilty to the crimes.

The court will hear from Lacasse's family next as the trial continues Thursday.