An 11-year-old boy testified this morning at Ugo Fredette's double-murder trial, and told the court he was at Veronique Barbe's home when she was killed.

Fredette is charged with the first-degree murder of Barbe and 71-year-old man Yvon Lacasse.

The court was shown a video interview the boy gave police Sept. 14, 2017, the day Barbe was stabbed to death in her home.

The boy was nine at the time and said in the interview that he was playing with another boy in the basement of Barbe's home when they heard a loud scream and ran upstairs.

The boy said he saw Barbe run into the den and yell "call police." He said Fredette told the boys to get out when Barbe ran hysterically into the yard. He then saw Fredette forcing Barbe back into the house holding her "as if he was trying to cut off her breath by squeezing her stomach."

The boy said he saw Barbe fall to the floor inside the house while the other boy told her, "you can't die."

The young witness then ran home because he said he didn't want to see someone die. There was no one at his house, so the boy ran back to Barbe's house.

Fredette sat expressionless in the witness box taking notes in the courtroom while the boy's testimony was heard.