MONTREAL—The Montreal police are getting ready for a record pedestrian safety campaign, with over 50 officers ready to put on white gloves and man 50 intersections across the city Wednesday morning.

Tickets and information will flow to drivers, pedestrians and cyclists as the police promise to focus on seniors, a group that makes up half of all fatalities on Montreal’s roads.

Montreal police call the mass operation a “preventive operation,” but they will also engage in the “repression” of bad behavior that Montrealers are notorious for, namely jaywalking and running yellow lights.

“If everyone would simply look at their behaviour when sharing the road I think it would be better for everyone,” said Montreal police spokesman Andre Durocher.

“We also want to raise awareness with regards to the elderly because they represent over 50 per cent of our fatalities,” continued Durocher. “Sometimes their perception of the speed of oncoming vehicles is not good and their reflexes aren't what they used to be.”

The campaign on Wednesday will go beyond the streets, with police officers going into retirement homes to speak with the elderly and raise awareness about the dangers they face at intersections.

Philomena Peters, 84, survived being hit by a car last year. She broke her knee and tore two ligaments, trying to cross the street.

“He didn't see the crosswalk, he didn't see her, he just hit her,” said Joanna Peters, speaking about her mother’s accident. Joanna added that her mother’s memory also took a hit.

“The only thing I don't like is the way my head is behaving these days,” said Philomena, whose become more cautious as she walks in her community.

“I cross as long as there is a signal or if it's a barren road, you know, if there are no cars for about four blocks.”

So far this year, there have been 16 deaths on city roads, compared to nine at the same time last year.