MONTREAL- Squash is more than just an indoor version of tennis.

It's hard, fast, and unforgiving.

David Baillargeon is very, very good at it.

"You have to hit hard, you have to run a lot it's a very physical sport," said David.

"He's very strong, very fast, very agile," said his coach Yvon Provencal "He has a lot of the qualities that squash demands."

David is so promising that at two years ago he left his home in Quebec City and moved to Montreal to improve his game.

His dad Guy knows training in Montreal is a good opportunity but is still adjusting to having his son out of the house.

"We knew that this was coming up at some point in the near future, but at 14 it was difficult."

David also honed his skill by player against older competitors, and at age 16 he is the number one player in his age group in Quebec.

Last month he placed third in the Canadian Junior Championships.

"I'm playing on my strengths and I'm basically playing on the weakness of my opponent," said David.

Next year David hopes to win the junior nationals, then move on from there, saying he wants to "be one of the top squash players in the world."


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