Hydro-Quebec reported nearly 31,000 households without power. Tuesday morning due to a slew of weather conditions that swept through several regions of the province.

The heavy snow that fell on Monday was replaced by strong winds, as well as freezing rain.

By 1 p.m., electricity had been restored to all but 6,367 clients.

The most affected regions on Tuesday morning were the Laurentians, with 2,678 homes in the dark, followed by Lanaudière with 2,696 and the Montérégie with 2,142. By the afternoon, only the Montérégie region still had more that 1,000 clients without power.

Environment Canada reported that winds could continue throughout the day Tuesday, though conditions won't be as extreme.

Monday night, winds gusted up to 70 kilometres per hour in Montreal and Quebec City, as well as farther east.