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Quebec journalists federation calls for one-day boycott of Facebook and Instagram


The Quebec Federation of Professional Journalists is calling for a one-day boycott of Facebook and Instagram on September 15.

The FPJQ is denouncing the social media giant's decision to block Canadian news on its platforms.

September 15 is the International Day of Democracy. The federation wants that to be the day people take a stand against Meta.

It’s in response to Bill C-18, which became law in June. It requires tech companies to pay media organizations for the Canadian news content published on Facebook and Instagram.

In response, Meta announced it would block Canadian news from its platforms.

The FPJQ argues that Meta is essentially blackmailing the government.

“What they decided to do is close the door to real, verified information which opens the door to disinformation. And this is dangerous for democracy,” said FPJQ president Michael Nguyen.

Nguyen cited a study by the Universite du Quebec a Montreal that said sharing Canadian news on Facebook has generated $193 million in revenue for Meta.

Ottawa has determined that Meta should pay around $60 million annually to Canadian media. Top Stories

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