MONTREAL - Private daycare operators continue to express intense exasperation with the Marois government, which has ordered $15 million in daycare cuts while adding 28,000 new spaces.

The privately-run $7-a-day-daycares say that the cuts will cost a typical large daycare operator about $28,000 per year.

But Families Minister Nicole Leger said that the average private daycare is making $100,000 per year.

“The money we're making is normal,” said Sylvain Lévesque president of the Private Daycares Association. “We invest $2 million to open a daycare of 80 children; it's not from the pocket of the taxpayers.”

The daycare operators are threatening more protests, legal challenges and even layoffs, but the government said that it’s not budging from its plan.

“We've had three months of negotiations, 14 meetings and we now have to work within the confines of our budget,” said Leger.