It has reached the tipping point: the critical point where situations become irreversible and change must occur.

Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay is at his tipping point. He is taking a few days to reflect on his future.

He will have the chance to defend himself but for now, at least, he must step aside.

This is indeed an unprecedented crisis for our city: a culture of corruption where everyone seemed to know it was going on; A sad trail of lies, deception, kickbacks.

All of it happening with your money, and the mayor denying it all.

For those of you old enough to remember Sergeant Schultz: “I see Nothing! I was not here! I didn't even get up this morning!”

The mayor must go because this inquiry will keep drilling deeper and I suspect we are just seeing the surface rot.

There are more bombshells to come.

More people will come forward.

More secrets will be spilled.

After all, it’s said three people can keep a secret only if two of them are dead


Galling Budget

The city this week had the audacity to present a budget requiring you to pay more tax.

A budget that, given the circumstances, is obscene and immoral.

It’s like living in some sort of weird parallel universe: collusion and corruption is oozing out of city hall and you are told that more money is needed.

Now the administration seems to have had second thoughts. It will review the numbers but it is unbelievable.

It is improvisation from a dying administration.

If anything, taxes should be lowered.

You are paying for the cost of deceit.

You are paying for a city that employs far too many people and sees itself as a little fiefdom.

You are paying for a gold-plated pension fund for city workers.

Perhaps we could all get a discount if we paid our taxes under the table, cash only, no questions asked.

Throw in a couple of concert tickets or a ham or two and everyone would be happy.


Apologies owed

Remember when Maclean’s magazine created such a stir with its story on corruption in Quebec?

Remember the outright indignation and the calls for apologies?

Our political class was so offended. The House of Commons passed a motion of blame.

Apologies are still called for. To Maclean’s. They got it right.


Language scuffle in the metro

There was another ugly incident this week involving an employee of our transit system and once again it appears language sparked it.

A young woman claims she was attacked by a metro ticket agent because she asked for help in English.

Why is it written in stone that STM employees who deal with the public do not have to speak English? Of course they should.

Why are anglophones perpetually made to feel like second class citizens when dealing with the public and para-public service?

The STM must ensure that front line employees are bilingual and actually enjoy speaking two languages.

We should demand it.

Enough said.