One of many signs that a Montreal summer is around the corner is when local musicians head to NDG homes for Porchfest.

The musicians play their tunes on people's porches in front of spectators.

The hyper-local festival takes place on May long weekend, with shows on Saturday and Monday.

Sunday's concerts were either cancelled or moved to Monday because of the anticipated thunderstorms. 

This year's lineup includes nearly a hundred bands and features classical, garage band, jazz, and acoustic folk music.

"I think it brings people out of like hibernation from our long, awful winters here in Montreal," said Sarah Ring, an organizer.

"I like it," one person said. "I get a chance to see bands I don't normally get to see."

The festival's proceeds will go towards Saint Raymond's Community Centre's efforts to create a children's music program.

"Our kids love music, they love singing, they love playing with instruments, they love experimenting with different musical styles, so I thought it would be awesome for us to provide a musical program for them and adding a little bit of mixing in it for them," said Nadine Collins, a coordinator with the centre.

"So if the kids don't feel like they want to play an instrument, they can use the mixing and music production."

"We have a lot of amazing musicians in the community that are willing to help the kids and willing to mentor them."