MONTREAL - The passage of Bill 78, the law designed to quell the ongoing student tuition protests, was greeted differently by two local political experts.

Jean Lapierre said that the measure is too strong. "It's like using a bazooka to kill a duck," he said.

But Don MacPherson said that the tough new law, which will limit the freedom of assembly, is fitting for a difficult circumstance which he described as, "the most serious crisis Quebec has endured since the Oka crisis of 1990."

He argued that the constant protests are jeopardizing public safety because police are being diverted from other crime-stopping activities.

"If anything, this action by the government is overdue," said MacPherson.

Both agreed that protests will likely cool off for the summer with the cancellation of classes at schools affected by the protest. But the conflict will return in August as students return to campus.

The province could be in the midst of an election campaign by that point, which could make things interesting for all involved.

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