Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau made an about-face in Ottawa Tuesday, saying he could participate in the financing of an amphitheatre in Quebec City to bring a professional hockey team to the provincial capital.

When asked as to whether he'd changed his mind after earlier refusing to finance an arena, Peladeau said Tuesday he is "open" to the idea of participating in building a new multi-purpose arena in Quebec City, welcoming both sporting and cultural events.

Early last month, Premier Jean Charest announced Quebec would finance 45 per cent of the cost to build a new arena, estimated at $ 400 million. Charest said he expected at most equal funding from the federal government, with Quebec City providing $50 million.

Ottawa quickly came back with a negative response, saying sporting arenas are first and foremost private. Pressure was then put on Peladeau, who has said he'd buy an NHL franchise for Quebec City.

When asked to chip in, however, Peladeau said in mid-September that the private sector was "doing more than its share."

Following a speech to the Canadian Club of Ottawa Tuesday, however, the head of Quebecor seemed to have changed his mind.