MONTREAL - Boxing champion Otis Grant made a name for himself with an impressive career in the ring, and he continues to impress people six years into his retirement.

The man who is well-known to Montrealers finds admirers everywhere he goes.

"The problem is, even when I try to hide, I can't hide because the people know where to find me. It was at the school, now it's at the gym, so..." said Grant.

Along with his brother Howard, he operates the Grant Brothers Boxing Gym on the West Island, sharing their wisdom with a variety of athletes.

"All different levels come in to train with their kids or by themselves. Then we have professional fighters that are here and guys that fight amateur and want come in and work with the pros," said Grant.

Among the more notable athletes in the stable are mixed martial artists Georges St-Pierre and Patrick Cote.

"I'm getting a lot of good advice from a former world champion," said Cote.

College-level hockey player C.J. Chartrain also trains at the gym.

"Boxing workouts and hockey workouts aren't so different. It'a a lot of core strength and speed workouts. I'm just coming here to learn how to defend myself in case end up playing professionally," said Chartrain.

Grant also helps others achieve their goals outside the gym.

He established the Otis Grant and Friends Foundation in 1999 and has been helping people stay on their feet ever since.

"We help children, we send kids to summer camp, we help community organizations, we help churches, I sponsored a lunch for 350 seniors."