Gilda Salomone is an opera singer that had a special reason to brave the rain Saturday and hit up L'Opera de Montreal's first-ever costume auction.

"I've sung in many productions and I thought it would be cool to have a souvenir of the many productions I was in," she said.

Salomone was among the many opera and costume fans who lined up around the block for a chance to bid on a costume at Agora Hydro Saturday.

"We thought it'd be so much fun to have a big costume sale for the public before Halloween," said Patrick Corrigan, general director of l'Opera de Montreal.

The company was founded in 1980 and many of the around 3,000 items up for auction were made in house or purchased from other companies.

"At a certain point, we started to get a lot more stock and it's not getting used anymore, and it's really time to make room in the shop for more costumes," said Corrigan.

Though she thought the chances of finding it were slim, Salomone was hoping to find a costume from one particular production she was in years ago.

"I was talking to my kids yesterday, and I said la Traviata, many years ago, it was like a '50s style production and the costumes were lovely," she said.

The event was a huge success selling out of all stock just after noon.