The arrival of former student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois on the provincial political scene has apparently done some good for the fortunes of Quebec Solidiare.

In a poll conducted by Leger-Le Devoir that was released on Saturday, the party now garners the support of 14 per cent of Quebec voters, a five point jump from January. In the 2012 election, QS received eight per cent of the popular vote.

The increase comes at the expense of the Parti Quebecois, who saw their support decline by four points to 25 per cent. Meanwhile, the Quebec Liberal Party is still ahead with 34 per cent and the Coalition Avenir Quebec is in third with 23 per cent support.

On March 9, when Nadeau-Dubois announced his campaign to be the party’s nominee in the Gouin riding, he accused much of the Quebec political class of having “betrayed Quebec” by focusing on big business and industry at the expense of the people. According to the poll, half of Quebecers agreed with his statement.