Quebec Solidaire is backing up Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois after the party’s potential future spokesperson came out swinging against the province’s other political parties.

On Thursday, Nadeau-Dubois announced his candidacy to represent the party in the Gouin riding as well as his intention to run to be the party’s co-spokesperson. During his announcement, Nadeau-Dubois struck out at the Parti Quebecois and the Liberals, saying those parties have betrayed Quebecers.

The harsh words were not well received with political leaders like Bernard Landry saying Nadeau-Dubois had overstepped.

On Sunday, Parti Quebecois MNA Martine Ouellet, who has launched a campaign to become the new leader of the federal Bloc Quebecois, defended her colleagues.

"I think it was a bit too large. Of course, we've seen corruption, we've seen the Charbonneau Commission," she said. "It has to change, but of course, it's not everybody. You need a few do bad to ruin all the reputation of all the group."

QS MNA Manon Masse, who is currently running to be one of the party’s two spokespeople, said Nadeau-Dubois had simply stated something that the party had maintained for years – that the government has worked to further enrich the top tier of society, to the detriment of the middle class.

According to the party, Quebec Solidaire has attracted 1,000 new members since Nadeau-Dubois announced his candidacy.