Rocked by allegations of fabrication of evidence, the Montreal police force's internal affairs unit has been ordered to hand over all investigations to the provincial police and an independent investigation team.

Montreal police chief Philippe Pichet asked the head of the Surete du Quebec to take over all of the active files being looked at by the force's internal affairs unit.

The move is the latest in a series of events that began last week when four Montreal police officers came forward alleging they were dismissed; victims of fabricated evidence against them for being about to blow the whistle on high-ranking officers within their own force over a year ago. 

Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux announced he was taking unprecedented action to shine a light on the accusations by asking the SQ to investigate.

Many Montrealers and Quebec’s opposition parties argued that wasn't enough.

As the complexity and number of allegations increased later in the week, Coiteux announced on Friday other police officers from the RCMP, Quebec City, Longueuil and Gatineau forces would be involved as well as Quebec’s Independent Investigations Bureau.

“We have a number of allegations we have to investigate,” said Coiteux. “We've constituted a solid team of independent investigators co-directed by the SQ and also Mme. Madeleine Giauque.”

Giauque is the former prosecutor who heads up the Independent Investigations Bureau.

Coiteux also confirmed Tuesday the existence of a letter alleging these wrongdoings. It was apparently sent by these four officers to the office of the Public Security Minister in 2014 when Lise Theriault held the position.

It is now part of the investigation.