MONTREAL -- The Montreal Alouettes have changed their mind about axing the cheerleading squad.

"The fans reached out, our members spoke up; they asked us in a very constructive and respectful manner – for the vast majority of them – to reconsider our position," the Alouettes said in a statement Monday. "They also clearly demonstrated their profound attachment to our cheerleader team and the Alouettes."

Representatives with the organization, which was bought by two Ontario businessmen in January, say they plan to speak with members of the squad "as early as this week."

The about-face comes after the CFL team announced Wednesday that "difficult decisions" had to be made when it came to finances.

"This has nothing to do with the hard work they put in or their popularity," Charles Rooke, director of communications for the Alouettes, told CTV News last week. "Our cheer team was among the top in the league."

The Als would not say if they will cut funds to another part of the organization in order to keep the cheerleaders on the field.

The Montreal Alouettes cheerleading team is made up of 32 women and men who perform for the crowd and greet fans before the games.