The storm blasting Eastern Canada is, as expected, slowing down people who want to move from one place to another.

Many boards from the South Shore and throughout the Eastern Townships have closed for the day, while several highways were closed overnight and Thursday morning because of blowing snow.

Long-distance bus company Orleans Express announced its trips were facing delays because of poor visibility and bad driving conditions.

At Trudeau airport several flights were delayed or cancelled, with those to and from the Eastern Seaboard most likely to be affected.

Many Montrealers were hoping for spring and were caught off guard by the blizzard.

" I just feel like the weather's so bi-polar," said one woman walking with a friend. " Yesterday we were walking without jackets and now now we're freezing. His ears are red."

The commute home on Wednesday was difficult and Thursday's drive in is expected to be no different.

Montreal's snow czar said crews are out in force to keep the streets and sidewalks clear.

"Our challenge is great because we've got about 10,000 kilometres of sidewalks and streets in Montreal, which represents 18 times the distance between Montreal and Quebec City back and forth, and there's about 500,000 people coming to work everyday or to study in downtown Montreal," said Jacques Lavallée.

He urged people to forget driving in on Thursday.

"Help us out by making sure to look out for our equipment and use as much as possible public transportation because that's probably the safest way to get back to your loved ones or to go to work every day."

The snowfall is expected to end around noon in Montreal as the storm continues moving east, with about 20 cm of snow accumulating in Montreal and possibly twice that amount in Eastern Quebec.

In New Brunswick meteorologists are predicting 15 cm of snow and hail.