Quebec Solidaire has named Manon Massé as the party's leader for the purpose of electoral debates.

Massé has been co-spokesperson of the party with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois since May 2017, and after running for office several times was elected on April 7, 2014.

She said Monday that her partnership with Nadeau-Dubois is a winning formula for the upcoming election.

"It's a really big job. Sometimes we think that we're not the one because I'm different. I think the way to be a politician is like this or like that, and I'm not that. At the same time what I discovered is that's a strength and now I'm ready," said Massé.

Nadeau-Dubois said that he is too inexperienced yet to lead the party, to lead debates, and to become premier should Quebec Solidaire be elected with a majority.

"I still have a lot of things to learn, a lot of maturity to acquire. So it was also motivated by the fact that I don't think I'm ready at this time of my life to go for that job," he said.

Massé is one of the founders of Quebec Solidaire in 2006, creating the party as a way to unify several left-wing, feminist, and separatist parties under one banner.

She describes herself as a ‘non-professional politician,’ despite running for office for over a decade.

MNA Amir Khadir, who is a former Quebec Solidaire spokesperson, said that means there is a sharing of power.

“We want to be sure about the fact that we are not professional politicians, we are not stuck to power. We are there to do our job and to pass the relay to others,” he said.

Massé said her first order of business would be to decentralize the power of the premier. The executive responsibilities would stay with her while the legislative aspect would be handled by Nadeau-Dubois as her deputy-premier.

The party is drawing inspiration from another politician - the woman who described herself as 'the right man for the job': Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

“I think the municipal election gave us a lesson. On one side, we have a very conventional and traditional political figure. On the other side, it’s something very refreshing and totally out of the box. It's a proof that a lot of people want something different,” said Massé.

Quebec Solidaire has three MNAs in the National Assembly.

The next provincial election is Oct. 1, 2018.