A bill tabled by the CAQ is hoped to modernize the ride-sharing industry.

It aims for deregulation, including abolishing taxi permits and a province-wide standard for background checks and training. 

The legislation will pave the way for more competition. 

“Like it or not, you will see new entrants into the Montreal market,” said CTV Montreal analyst Elias Makos. 

Despite concessions from the government in regards to training and fares, the taxi industry still isn’t satisfied. 

“If you’re a taxi driver and paying $500 ‘rent’ for the permit, that’s gone now,” he said. 

Makos elaborated, saying that drivers could soon defect in droves from the taxi industry to companies like Uber. 

There will likely be demonstrations from taxi drivers in the coming weeks. 

“It’s not a fait accompli as to how this is going to play out,” he said.