A high-end grocery store in the Southwest borough was targeted by 30 looters Saturday night who were wearing masks and dressed in black.

The looters teamed up to steal merchandise from 3734 on Notre-Dame St. in St. Henri and posted anti-gentrification stickers on the windows.

They also used smoke bombs and spray painted the windows.

Owners of the store said one of their employees was inside the shop at the time of the attack.

“It was very quick and very organized,” said co-owner Maxime Tremblay.

He said he was upset that he couldn’t provide a safe work environment for his employees and himself.

“She was really in shock. She really felt threatened,” he said.

The store owners said they source from many small local businesses and take part in local charity events.

“They are against the gentrification of the neighbourhood. I can understand that. The cause, yes, the target, no, less so the means,” the team wrote on their Facebook page, adding that they were open to dialogue and sharing, but not to violence and fear.

“It’s an area that is booming and gentrifying. There are some things that are good about it and some challenges,” said Tremblay, who said the looters left messages that suggested a ‘Robin Hood’ type of scenario.

“If they look at my last income tax report, I think they’re not stealing from the right guys… we’re not a multi-national… We try to do our best to be a good corporate citizen,” said Tremblay. “We want to be a part of the solution.”

Police confirmed claims the looters were seeking to distribute the goods to those in need.

“What I can tell you is that on the front of the store was that the food they got was going to be given to people in the neighbourhood that needed it,” said Montreal police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant.

Local city councillor Craig Sauvé denounced the vandals.

“Urban affordability issues are an absolute priority that we have to attack, but violence and intimidation is never the answer. We need the provincial and federal governments to start investing massively and quickly," he said.

No one has been arrested so far.

Brabant said they are hoping surveillance footage from nearby businesses may help them get more information.

“We’re asking the population, if anyone saw something, a vehicle that was leaving, people that were leaving… or if you see something similar in the next few days, call 911,” he said.

The looting is the latest in a slew of similar attacks against gentrification in the area.

One year ago, at least eight stores in St. Henri were vandalized overnight on a weekend as a group of masked individuals wearing hoods went on a violent destructive rampage on Notre Dame St. W. near Delinelle St.