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Longtime donor marks 1,000th blood donation, urges others to roll up their sleeves


Héma-Québec hopes one of its biggest donors will help motivate you to roll up your sleeve.

Yves Gosselin started giving blood when he was 18 and has reached a rare milestone: 1,000 donations.

"I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know I'm helping save accident patients and others who need blood transfusions," he said.

Héma-Québec needs more blood donations because of the greater need for hospitals during the summer holiday period.

The agency announced must collect 500 additional weekly donations over the next few weeks. The needs concern all blood groups, particularly group O Rh positive and Rh negative.

"Some of the donors come every week, but of course, they're on vacation with their families and so on," said Michel Grenier, an operations supervisor of the province's blood agency.

"But we need donations because our inventory, to give back to the hospitals and the people, the inventory goes down when it's construction holiday."

A bag of blood is shown at a clinic. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Héma-Québec reminds donors that making an appointment is the best way to plan a blood donation, but it is also flexible for donors who do not make an appointment.

Emilie Courval is a nurse clinician and student who gives blood regularly.

"It's easy," she says. "You might not see the person whose life you're saving with your donation, but I do, and it makes a world of difference for them."

Gosselin hopes his donations motivate others.

"There is no medicine like what's coursing through my veins." Top Stories

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