QUEBEC CITY - The trial of the first Canadian judge charged with first-degree murder began in a Quebec City courtroom Monday.

Jury selection was also completed for the trial of retired Quebec Superior Court judge Jacques Delisle, 77, who denies killing his disabled wife, 71-year-old Marie-Nicole Rainville.

Rainville, who had suffered a stroke and was wheelchair-bound, was found shot in the head in November 2009 inside the condo the couple shared together in Quebec City.

Though it was initially though to be a suicide, Delisle was arrested seven months later. He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The selection of 12 jurors from about 200 candidates took nearly all day, and in late afternoon eight men and four women were chosen.

Judge Claude Gagnon instructed jurors to remain neutral and impartial and base their decisions on evidence, not any preconceived notions or media reports.