MONTREAL - Whether you are a fan or foe of the ongoing student strikes, the protests will continue as thousands gather in Quebec City on Thursday to show their anger with the Charest government's plan.

Speaking with CTV News, two young leaders tried to explain how representatives the students that take to the streets are of the larger tuition movement.

"They don't represent everyone, but they do represent the broad majority of student opinion," said Devin Alfaro, a writer for Spacing Montreal and a student on strike. "We are seeing huge assemblies when students are voting to go on strike."

While the protests often concentrate on the Liberal plan to nearly double tuition over the next five years, some students are using the outings to deal with larger issues.

"What I am heartened by is that in Quebec we do have students who are standing up for what they believe in," said Ilona Dougherty, the executive director of Apathy is Boring. "Other people might not agree, but they are active young people."

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