Members of a gymnastics club in Snowdon say they are fed up with getting the runaround.

Coaches, parents and athletes from Flex-Art Gym, which has been using the Snowdon Theatre for more than 20 years, were at last night's Cote-des-Neiges-NDG borough council meeting in a bid to get some answers.

The city of Montreal owns the building, which needs substantial renovations. Several months ago city officials told Flex-Art that it would have to find a new location, but it is not clear whether this would be a permanent or a temporary measure.

Julie Durocher, the director of the club, was not happy with the results of Wednesday's meeting.

"They told us they were selling, and it was up to us to find another place to go at our own cost," said Durocher.

Borough Mayor Lionel Perez said the local government is trying to find Flex-Art another location.

"What we're trying to work with flex arts is to try and find them another venue, whether it be in our borough or the other adjoining cities," said Perez.

The Snowdon Theatre was home to movies until it closed in 1982. Eight years later the city had taken over ownership of the building and Flex-Art moved in.

About 400 people are regular users of the facilities, the only gymnastics club in the area.