Mid-way through the pilot project on Camilien-Houde, confusion still reigns.

Some are saying the block on traffic across Mount Royal is not having its desired effect.

Instead, it’s compromising safety, and reducing accessibility to the park, according to Les Amis de la Montagne.

The group says the closure is impacting safety, because drivers ignore the signs – which are generally difficult to follow.

Some cyclists using the mountain are also ignoring the rules of the road, and using excessive speed, according to Les Amis de la Montagne.

On Friday, Mayor Valerie Plante said she was surprised by the reaction from the group charged with promoting and protecting the mountain.

“Les Amis de la Montagne have always been a part of that – so I really don’t understand why it’s coming out that way,” Plante said. “That said, so are what we’re getting is that there’s always improvement that can be done.

Plante added that the expectation is that drivers will respect the changes on Camilien-Houde, especially ahead of the back-to-school season, when road traffic will likely increase.

Public consultations on the pilot project, which expires in October, will be held starting November 8th.

With a report from Cindy Sherwin.