Five bilingual weekly newspapers in the Montreal area are now publishing in French only.

The publisher, Transcontinental Media, says articles in both French and English were taking up too much space in print, but is providing English translations on their websites.

Le Messager in Verdun, Le Messager in Lachine-Dorval, Le Messager in LaSalle, Le Magazine in Nuns' Island and Le Magazine Sud-ouest are the five weekly papers affected by the change.

Some local Anglophones are angered by the change.

"We're in a low-income situation here in Verdun and not everyone has a computer, so what do those people do? They're stiffed," said Joe Quinn of the Dawson Community Centre in Verdun.

Verdun resident Sandra Ducolon said she won't put up with it.

"If they don't go back to English, I know what I'm going to do - it's going to go in the paper garbage," said Ducolon.