The federal government is invoking closure to end debate on a law that requires Air Canada to perform maintenance in Montreal.

Debate on bill C-10 began in the House of Commons on Monday, but on Wednesday Transportation Minister Marc Garneau said he'd heard enough.

"All the elements of the debate have been aired," said Garneau.

He added that the Liberal government has several projects underway that it wants to pass before the end of the parliamentary session.

When Air Canada was privatized, one stipulation was that the company conduct major aircraft maintenance in Montreal, Winnipeg and in Ontario.

The company ceased to do this in 2012 ago when it shut down its subsidiary Aveos, laying off 2,600 employees.

Aveos workers and the Quebec government took Air Canada to court and won at the Superior Court and Appeal court level.

Air Canada was making a challenge to the Supreme Court of Canada when the provincial government suddenly backed down -- in exchange for a promise that Air Canada would buy up to 75 CSeries Jets from Bombardier and have them maintained in Montreal.

Outraged by their abandonment by all levels of government, Aveos workers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the airline, Quebec, and Canada.

Under Bill C-10, the Air Canada Public Privatization Act will be changed so that Air Canada "can modify the type or volume of multiple activities in each province according to employment."

NDP leader criticized the federal government's decision saying that even Stephen Harper at least provided the courtesy of waiting five days before invoking closure.

With a file from The Canadian Press