Quebec needs to make some major changes to its immigration policies, said the co-president of the newly formed Coalition for Quebec's Future, François Legault.

Legault laid out the group's platform on immigration and culture Monday, suggesting that the province temporarily limit the number of immigrants that are accepted until the province has enough resources to teach newcomers the French language properly.

Legault suggests limiting the number of immigrants the province accepts to 45,000 per year, over two years, a move he said will offer Quebec time to double the resources available to immigrants once they arrive in the province.

""You know very well that the unemployment rate of immigrants are twice the rate of the total population of Quebec," he said. "We have problem with that. So it's not good for Quebec, and it's not good for new immigrants."

After the initial two-year period, the province can gradually increase the number of accepted immigrants to 50,000 per year.