The man accused of a deadly shooting on election night may find his phone calls to radio stations used against him in court.

Ricard Henry Bain was in court Thursday morning for a brief appearance.

Last month Bain called two radio stations and gave lengthy interviews detailing his thoughts about the state of Quebec, most of which was not used on air.

The crown said it had obtained a recording of the interview with CJAD and planned to use it as evidence against Bain, however Eric Latour of CJAD/Astral said that was not the case, and that the recording will not be turned over without a court order.

Bain's lawyer said she is not sure what to make of the recording.

"That interview is a statement and basically all statements are part of the evidence and as I said I need to hear that statement in order to give it any value," said Elfride-Andree Duclervil.

In court Bain also complained about physical abuse.

Talking to his lawyer, Bain said quite loudly that he had been pushed into bars by his guards. Those in court could clearly see that Bain had two cuts on his forehead.

Bain has been in custody since the night of the shooting, Sept. 4, 2012. He is charged with one count of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, and several weapons charges.

Duclevil is also considering whether to make a complaint about Bain's treatment, and if she will request a review of his mental health.

“We do know there was an incident this morning. To what extent? That also will have to go through an investigation,” said Duclervil.

Deadly shooting during election speech

The night of Quebec's election Premier Pauline Marois's victory speech was interrupted when a masked man fired a weapon outside the Metropolis theatre.

One man had fired an assault rifle, killing audio technician Denis Blanchette and seriously injuring David Courage with the same bullet.

The gun then jammed, but the attacker was able to start a fire inside the theatre before being arrested by police.

The prosecution says more evidence needs to be disclosed and more charges could be added against Bain.

So far, Bain is facing one charge of murder, three of attempted murder and a dozen weapons charges.

“An inquiry is a work in progress, it's the same thing for the disclosure of evidence,” said Jean-Pascal Boucher; spokesman for prosecution.

Bain's next court date is December 7, 2012.