MONTREAL - The rules governing the treatment of animals in Quebec are set for a major overhaul.

A task force set up in 2008 has returned with a slew of recommendations which they hope to get feedback on and possibly turn into law this fall.

The legislation would dictate the treatment of cats and dogs by pet owners, groomers, breeders, pounds and pet shops.

They would set standards concerning everything from cleanliness to food and water to euthanization.

Among the specific recommendations is the suggestion that the total number of inspectors in Quebec be hiked from five to 40, although some have pointed out that Ontario has far more per capita, with around 200 inspectors.

The current fine for animal mistreatment is $200 but that could be doubled or tripled.

Allana Devine of the Montreal SPCA commented that the recommendations are short on dealing with overpopulation, a crucial problem in an island where 50,000 cats and dogs are abandoned each year.

"We'd like to see mandatory sterilizations for cats and dogs in shelters, stores and pounds," said Devine. "We see that in other provinces and in the US and we'd like to see it here."

Those seeking to learn more or share their suggestions on the proposals can click here.