CAQ MNA Claire Samson is considering giving up her new job after she was left out of cabinet, according to The Canadian Press.

First elected in the South Shore riding of Iberville in 2014, Samson served as the CAQ critic on culture and the French language. She was hoping to be named minister of that file, but instead, it went to Nathalie Roy.

Samson was last seen in the National Assembly on Oct. 18, when the cabinet was announced. She did not standing up during the standing ovation and left the ceremony in the Red Room early.

In a phone call with The Canadian Press, she said she is considering leaving political life behind after the snub.

She is currently on sick leave.

Samson has epilepsy and has had difficulty controlling her symptoms recently, to the point where her doctor has asked her not to drive. Samson has had a service dog, Pepper, by her side in the National Assembly, because he can detect her attacks before they begin.

One week ago Premier Francois Legault said he did not think Samson would cause any problems for the CAQ.

"No, it's normal. I think that many MNAs had strong expectations to be named ministers and honestly it wasn't an easy task for me to do so," said Legault. "We have a lot of people, inculding Madame Samson, with good experience and a lot of knowledge."

He added that he hoped she will remain in the National Assemby.

"I understand her point of view and I think she will be part of the team and I'm okay with that," said Legault. "It's a tough decision for all new premiers or mayors to choose the ones that will be part of the executive and I understand that she didn't like my decision, so it's now up to her to decide what's the future for her."