MONTREAL - Newly-minted NDP Ruth Ellen Brosseau has emerged from her fog of silence and spoken to media in an English-language telephone interview with Le Nouvelliste newspaper.

Brosseau started and ended by speaking a few sentences in what appeared to be fluent French but answered questions in English.

She explained that her trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her 27 th birthday during the campaign had been set before the election date had been decided.

"I guess it was just bad timing in that respect. It was a special birthday trip. I couldn't cancel it. I had to go," she said.

Brosseau confessed that her candidacy had been "symbolic" and her victory was a "shock."

"It was unexpected but I'm very excited to work for the New Democrats," she said. "I wasn't really expecting to win."

She learned of her victory while watching at the NDP federal office in Ottawa

"We were just watching the polls and it was really a shock at first," said Brosseau.

Brosseau revealed that she lived in Hudson, Quebec until Grade 2 whereupon her family moved to Kingston, Ontario where she continued schooling in French immersion.

"I'm really looking forward to coming soon over the next few days," she said of the riding she has still never visited. "I've heard it's a beautiful place."

Brosseau said the sudden media glare has been a surprise.

"I don't think anybody's used to that kind of attention. Even though you're expecting some kind of media attention, it's a lot and it's made me a stronger person. I swear my skin is getting thicker every day and I'm looking forward to working for the people of Berthier Maskinonge," she said.

But she never considered resigning.

"I'm sure there are a lot of rumors out there, but the thought has never crossed my mind, I'm a strong-willed person, a very stubborn woman. Once I set my mind to something I stick to it and plan on representing the NDP in Ottawa."