Sometimes it's all about being in the right place at the right time – and never giving up.

At age 31, Antonin Decarie has a whole new lease on life. After a six-year relationship with Groupe Yvon Michel, Decarie has joined Eye of the Tiger management.

“It was no hard feelings. We are still good. We might still work together in the future. Just we had a different vision. I want to be more active,” said the welterweight boxer who has a pro record of 28 wins and two losses.

More fights mean more opportunity for the Laval native, who is still hungry for a world title.

“When I turned pro, my only goal was to become world champion and now I am feeling pretty close to it. With 28 and 2… I have an amazing record and I am very close. I only need a couple of good wins to get back,” he said.

Decarie’s trainer, Hercules Kyvelos, said the 31-year-old still has a lot of punch left in him.

“He’s not a guy who has been used up or beat up. He’s never been really beat up or anything like that.

Is it in his future? I believe he has another shot and he certainly has the skill for it,” he said.

Many, however, believe his chance has passed and he's no longer of championship calibre, something the welterweight takes with a grain of salt.

“I just fought twice in the past eight, nine months. I fought in Argentina (in front of) 50,000 people in April

on HBO. It was a very cool fight against a tough guy (Luis Carlos Abregu),” said Decarie.

There is one issue holding Decarie back, said Kyvelos – his power.
“Naturally everybody likes a knock out. Unfortunately he doesn't have that killer power that takes guys out in one shot, but they want him, though. He is looking good in the gym now and he might actually surprise some people,” said Kyvelos.

Decarie’s next fight is Wednesday, Feb. 5th when Eye of the Tiger stages an event at New City Gas on Ottawa St.