MONTREAL - Quebec's Health Minister Yves Bolduc said he has faith the McGill University Health Centre will make the right decision on the fate of its President and CEO Arthur Porter.

"I trust the board, they're the ones who will manage the situation, but actually I'm very glad about what Dr. Porter did in the last few years," said Bolduc.

The board of directors will decide on the future of Porter's role in the MUHC in an emergency meeting Sunday.

Porter found himself embroiled in controversy this week after it was revealed that he had questionable dealings with an international businessman while serving on a review board of Canada's Security Intelligence Review Committee.

The National Post newspaper reported revealed earlier this week that Porter, a native of Sierra Leone, once struck a deal with middleman Ari Ben-Menashe on a $120-million aid-for-development initiative from Russia. It would have given African Infrastructure Group, a firm owned by Dr. Porter and his family, the chance to manage infrastructure projects in his homeland.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper accepted Porter's resignation from the position on Thursday; however, Porter expressed his wishes to remain at the head of the MUHC.

"The new hospital they are building now, I think we should thank Dr. Porter, because he did a good job," said Bolduc.