Bishop's University has officially handed out a new bursary bearing Hugh Haugland's name.

The long-time CTV cameraman and son of anchor Bill Haugland died last summer in a helicopter crash.

He was also an avid amateur astronomer, who loved to spent late night gazing at the heavens.

Haugland's father said his son's interest in astronomy stems from his love of nature.

"We had a cabin in Vermont and he used to go up there where there was absolutely no light interfering with what he was able to see in the heavens," said Haugland. "He'd take his telescope out there and his brothers would accompany them and so on. And it's surprising to me just how much he knew of the subject."

Haugland was in Sherbrooke on Friday to present the award to Andreas Zambrano.

"The idea of an award going from year-to-year, student-to-student has to be gratifying and helps a lot with the grieving process," said Haugland.

"This was part of his life, he lived it, and that's why I think you're a worthy award winner."

For Zambrano, a physics student at Bishop's responsible for the school's new observatory, gazing at the stars is a life-long passion.

"When you look at the stars you're actually looking back in time so you're actually looking at the past," said Zambrano.

The bursary will help advance a sub-discipline in astronomy offered through the school's Physics department.