For decades your and your families have welcomed us into your homes

For our 50th Anniversary we wanted to do something different, and bring the viewers into our workplace.

We've got stories that look at the real 'characters' in our city, and in our midst. We show you what's it like to work day-in and day-out in a stressful environment, and how we blow off some steam.

Rob Lurie talked to a man who has the same birthday as CTV Montreal, and gave him a tour of the station.

Annie DeMelt takes a look at how the way we bring you the story has changed, and talks to cameramen, reporters and editors who worked at CFCF when everything was shot on film -- even black and white -- then contrasts it with our new digital internet 24/7 audience.

And of course, the hazard of working in television, especially live television, is that there is no second take. Paul Karwatsky knows that when a reporter gets the giggles, the broadcast goes off the rails, or a technical glitch throws a wrench in the works, well, our mistakes are highly visible.

We hope you enjoy it.