OPINION- The students may not be in class because they are busy: busy threatening social peace.

But they have learned a lesson, commitment and signatures don't matter.

It's a wonderful life lesson don't you think?

You agree to something, you put you name to it but then have second thoughts so you tear it up.

Just wait until they get jobs and try to navigate their way in the world.

Our city has been paralyzed, our metros shut down and social order has threatened by terrorists and mob rule, all for selfish reasons.

I blame the students, who really should know better.

I blame their leadership, who have not denounced the violence

I blame the government for its clumsy handling of this crisis.

Yes, the anarchists have overtaken the movement

But what has the student leadership done about it?

Why were the anarchists allowed on the student buses last week?

And what is wrong with these people?

They live in one of the greatest, most privileged countries in the world and yet they just want to destroy it, to tear it down.

There is something very wrong with they way they are wired.

And why is it always the police who are blamed?

In Victoriaville, they only responded to violence, a hail of rocks and billiard balls raining down on their heads.

The city of Montreal deserves credit this week.

It's going ahead with its bylaw banning the wearing of masks at demonstrations and making protestors provide an itinerary, so at least police have a clue where they are going and what they intend to smash.

If you don't take off your mask, you get arrested.

We don't let people vote if they are masked, so why let them throw rocks? Why do they wear the masks? It's because they are cowards.

Quebecers are now looking for strong leadership, decisive action, no more capitulation, no more negotiations.

Perhaps only an election will solve this and the premier must be considering his options.

But I wonder, these students have shown a blatant disrespect for democracy disrespect for their own words.

They don't respect injunctions; they don't respect other students who disagree with them.

They don't respect people's right to circulate freely and get to work so they can pay taxes to pay for the students entitlements.

I wonder how many of these protestors have ever paid a cent in income tax.

The premier should simply close the universities and CEGEPs where students are refusing to take advantage of the lowest tuition in North America.

Any student refusing to attend class should be suspended.


The students have proven they cannot be trusted.

Our city and province are on the brink of anarchy.

We need resolve and backbone.

Whatever it takes.