MONTREAL--The agency that runs commuter trains in and around Montreal will be hiking fares on January 1, 2013.

Late Friday afternoon the AMT announced it had approved a $313.5 million budget for 2013, an amount that is 8.2 per cent higher than this year.

To cover the increased cost of running more trains, fares will go up an average of 3 per cent.

The Metropolitan Transport Agency is also taking steps to standardize its pricing scheme for tickets: at the moment the AMT has nearly 700 different prices depending on which line passengers take, how far they travel and whether they buy individual tickets or long-term passes.

New monthly prices for 2013

Zone 1: TRAM: $87      Train-only: $74
Zone 2: TRAM: $102    Train-only: $86.50
Zone 3: TRAM: $121    Train-only: $103
Zone 4: TRAM: $131    Train-only: $117
Zone 5: TRAM: $151    Train-only: $128
Zone 6: TRAM: $182    Train-only: $155
Zone 7: TRAM: $209    Train-only: $178
Zone 8: TRAM: $239